1. First of all, know that waxing around your genitals will probably hurt a bit more than other places.

It’s because the skin in those areas is thinner, making it more sensitive. Also, the skin there tends to have less elasticity.

“Because of that, it can be a little harder for the wax technician to be pulling those areas taut right before the wax, increasing pain when we wax in those areas,” says Miest.

2. Prep for your Wax

In order to ensure everything goes smoothly during and after your wax, it’s important to be prepared for initial appointment.  Before you book an appointment, make sure your hair is long enough for the wax grab onto(about 1/4 inch or 6mm).  This ensures that there is no damage to the hair follicles.

In the days leading up o your appointment, be sure to exfoliate and moisturize skin regularly, which will help prevent ingrown hairs. BareDerma’s SuperVagina Range is pH balanced,  Natural and recommended by many wax specialists as it is ideally formulated to tackle the problem of ingrown hairs.

On the day of your wax, keep skin product-free. Don’t apply any oils, gels or lotions as they may prevent wax from properly adhering to the hair.

3. Breathe

For first-timers and especially anxious clients, a breathing ritual is a must. Advise your client to concentrate on the ceiling (or better still, the music or TV screen if you have one in the room) and breathe out for three counts, making your move on the second count. Focused slow breathing has been shown to dramatically cut down on pain sensation in multiple studies, thanks to the fact it promotes muscle relaxation.

4. Leave the skin soothed

Once the hair is gone, reach for a post-waxing solution ,to cut down on the amount of additional friction to your client’s freshly waxed skin, opt for a Natural, pH balanced soothing lotion that will calm the skin at the same time as clearing up any wax residue and preventing the formation of ingrown hairs.

5. Post Wax Care : Take it easy for 24 Hours

No exercise, intercourse or tanning for atlest a day After waxing. You should also avoid steamy, hot tubs and baths.  Taking a fresh under wear with you to change after your appointment would be a good idea. Post-wax, your pores are exposed and more prone to infection. a clean pair of underwear will help to keep the germs away.


Your pain-free waxing essentials


1.Intimate Purifying Cleanser,  2.Intimate Bump-free Scrub

3.Intimate Perfecting calming Mask , 4.Intimate Resurfacing Lightening cream

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