1. Drink water to stay lubricated

Get a dry mouth when you’re dehydrated? It affects your vagina in the same way, too. If you suffer from vaginal dryness, up your water intake and you might well see results. Drinking plenty of water dilutes vaginal odours, too. Is there anything that stuff can’t do?

2.Trim and moisturize before you shave

Yes! If you are opting for shaving your vaginal area, remember it is very soft and sensitive, trim the hair out there first and moisturize it with pH balanced intimate cream. After shaving, use only cotton undies for a few days.

3. olive stone also works wonders

A dab of olive stone on a cotton ball right after shaving helps shrink the pores right away, reducing the chance of firecrotch. Intimate waxing experts suggests to use an exfoliator with olive stone after any kind hair removals in the pubic area.  What’s the betting that phrase was invented by someone that knew the unique horror of desperately needing to itch your crotch at the least convenient moments?

4.Use intimate mask to prevent shaving rash

Applying intimate calming mask onto your skin after you shave minimises the chance of spending the next week in itchy crotch HELL. Make sure you’re just using it on the outer parts of your vajayjay and extend towards the inner thigh if you needed.

5.Make your vagina taste better with fruit juice

Although there’s no scientific explanation, many women report a change in the taste of their vagina from drinking unsweetened pineapple juice. While you’re never quite going to smell like a Chupa Chup, feeling more confident about your smell can help you relax in the moment. On the flipside, asparagus, red meat and cigarettes can all contribute to different odours. You really are what you eat.

6. Make a yogurt tampon

This isn’t a DIY project for your Pinterest board, but it will help soothe thrush symptoms. The NHS advise you to push a tampon back down the applicator, and add a teaspoon of live yoghurt in the top, and get inserting. Make sure it’s a natural yogurt with live cultures, not fromagfrais – that will do you NO favours.

7.Don’t be a pussy about your pussy

You know your vagina better than anyone. If something’s bothering you, don’t be afraid to chat to your GP about it.  why not try supervagina intimate spa kit to make your vagina visually more appealing.



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