British Natural Intimate Skincare

BareDerma is not just a brand; it is a legacy in the intimate hygiene space. We are known for our uniquely high concentration of natural botanicals.  From remote fields in the England to laboratories leading the way in scientific innovation, BareDerma creates products we believe in. We strive to provide preeminent products with the premium quality, smells, and textures for our valued customers.

Natural & Non-toxic Ingredients

BareDerma products are free from Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Petrochemicals, Detergents (SLS/SLES) and artificial fragrance.

Synthetic ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals have no place in the products we use on our skin every day. Naturally, derived ingredients are biocompatible with our skin and can maximise skin health rather than being aggressive and damaging.

What we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out.

World's Most Advanced Natural Skincare Technology

BareDerma’s luxurious intimate skin nutritional formulations are developed using bio-available nutrients and complex bio-actives to give you a beautifully healthy & glowing intimate area. Our founder Febina, who is a bio-technologist, work with chemists, botanists and integrated medicine practitioners to stay on top of the latest natural ingredient discoveries, extraction techniques, and preservation technologies so that we can bring you the most effective products available in the natural intimate skincare market. The result is healthy, happy & glowing skin down there, that you can be truly proud of !


We maintain the highest ethical standards across every aspect of our business. We never test on animals, use only sustainable plant ingredients and choose recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

Businesses have a responsibility to minimise their impact on the planet. It’s the right thing to do – and it also helps us sleep at night!