I used to think that if I could make it through a bikini wax appointment without kicking or laughing hysterically, that I’ve overcome the hardest part of this beauty routine. Well, I was wrong. The real work actually starts once you get up off the waxing table.

“The key to maintaining the bikini area is to exfoliate and don’t shave in between waxing treatments,” according to Arnett Mathews, an esthetician at Stark Waxing Studio in Studio City. “Your hair grows in cycles and shaving in between waxing appointments will prevent a smooth, clean wax.”

Fellow Stark esthetician Amy Tice adds, “Ingrown hairs are caused by a buildup of dead skin cells. Continued exfoliation helps prevent the hair from becoming trapped underneath the skin.”

So what’s the correct way to do this key, yet often skipped step? “Start exfoliating two or three days after waxing with Intimate Bump-Free Scrub. Use a gentle circular motion. You can exfoliate either in the shower, or do it dry before you hop into the shower, which works well if you have a big problem with ingrown hairs. If your skin becomes red and sensitive after exfoliating apply an intimate perfecting calming mask and followed by Natural intimate cream to restore the hydration, then lay off for a few days, and then exfoliate more gently.”

And while reaching for the razor may be extremely hard to resist, Mathews recommends fighting the urge as you need at least three weeks of hair growth (at least 1/4 of an inch) before your next appointment to achieve your best wax.

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