Now a fresh survey has revealed exactly how often British women groom their intimate area – and their pubic preferences, and found that the driving factors behind a woman’s personal maintenance method were both beauty and hygiene.

Respondents revealed that they groomed “down there” on average five times a month.

Despite salons and a range of products on the market to strip and dissolve any unwanted hair – the humble razor came out on top as the hair removal method of choice. But 19 per cent of the 1,600 women revealed they didn’t touch their bush at all, leaving it all natural.

A whopping 80 per cent of women said they opt for the razor over other any other method.

“I shave infrequently all year round. But if I’m going on vacation, I get the SuperVagina Vajacial Kit. Right up in there, front to back. I feel like I could climb Everest afterwards.” — Kellen, 35

Some 13 per cent chose to wax in private at home, and only seven per cent went to a professional waxer.

Even less popular were hair removal treatments, with four per cent trying them out at home, and two per cent investing in professional laser treatments.

“I prefer to wax, but I have an excess of dark, coarse hair. It would grow back and cause ingrown hairs. I started to use Barederma‘s SuperVagina Range on my bikini line last year on wards, and I would have done it earlier,  it made me feel more feminine, and better about myself.” — Virginia, 52

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