Would you buy a £29.99 VAGINA Pampering kit? 


A range of skincare for intimate area is launched in UK recently by BareDerma – The SuperVagina range which includes products such as Intimate Purifying Cleanser, Intimate Bump-Free Scrub, Intimate Perfecting Calming Mask and Intimate Lightening Resurfacing Cream  and is specifically designed to delicate bikini area’ with natural and organic ingredients.

The range of Four products is now on sale exclusively at BareDerma official website and is the brainchild of Londoner Dr.Febina Otta Thayil, a Biotechnologist and entrepreneur currently living in Taunton, who was inspired by her own necessity for tender loving care down there.

According to BareDerma, the ‘’SuperVagina’’ range is ‘designed to keep your Vagina smoother, Radiant, and make you feel good all over – whether you want to bare it all, or lose your underwear anywhere, anytime.’

‘This line was created by a woman and it is important to me that every word and every image reflects a sense of confidence – the epitome of a modern woman.’

BareDerma have received such positive media attention as well as fantastic feedback from our customers. Within Just 3 months of Launch, The BareDerma SuperVagina kit was a finalist in the Made for mum’s uk award, bringing rapid national recognition to this brand.

Intimate Purifying Cleanser is a pH balancing, mild and soothing intimate wash with a delicate 100% natural aroma of Ylang Ylang and Organic Geranium oils.

Intimate Bump-Free Scrub; will naturally nourish, tone and rejuvenate skin. Blue Poppy seeds and ground Olive stones help remove dead skin cells and polish the new skin underneath. This exfoliator is perfect for use on any areas prone to ingrowing hairs as the scrub along with the massaging in of the product will help exfoliate deeper into the skin around the hair follicles thereby minimising opportunities for hair to grow inwards.

Intimate Perfecting Calming Mask is a n100% natural Kaolin and Bentonite clay mask designed to help detoxify and remove dead skin cells. Immediately soothing and calming particularly to sensitive and/or irritated skin, organic Geranium and Frankincense oils complement the clays in cleansing and de-clogging pores whilst strengthening the delicate environmental balance in this area. Ideal for use on blemishes and stretch marks to help even out, brighten and tone the skin.

The range also includes Intimate Lightening Resurfacing Cream which is a ‘luxurious hydrating’ formula that delivers radiance to the skin, and Brightening the intimate area.

And don’t forget Bare Derma’s vajacial is perfect for use

  • Before a date
  • Post wax (especially to help calm, cool and soothe skin)

‘This collection is totally different than what is out there today,’ Febina said.

‘We developed the line as a lifestyle brand – taking care of and pampering the Vagina is not simply addressing problems and offering a specific solution. We provide a different experience for women that is a skincare regimen, much like other brands offer for the face.’