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After the craze that has been already witnessed by US, BareDerma, the reputed brand has recently introduced the newest assortment of a four step Intimate home spa kit named superVagina for the women, with the aim to help them care for their intimate parts sans harmful chemicals. Women spend hefty amounts and put a lot of effort to look after their hair and face, but tend to ignore the most important body part, vagina.

BareDerma the most eminent and reliable skin care brand of UK wishes to make it easier and safer for women to go through few challenges in life that vary from childbirth, hormonal alternations, sex, waxing or shaving, and ensure a much secured vaginal health through the spa kit products that are strictly made of natural ingredients. The vaginal area is very sensitive, and contact with anything chemical can give way to infections. The team of BareDerma understands how important it is for women to treat the vagina carefully, with good intimate care product range.

Renowned in the market for churning out products that are naturally made, promising premium quality, soothing smells, and fine textures, BareDerma’s team has used the advanced scientific innovations with unique concentration of natural botanicals to create the four vaginal care products. The products are free from harmful parabens, artificial fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, or detergents and the finest natural and organic ingredients guarantee the right pH-balance for vaginal hygiene. Not everyone has the time or money to visit a spa regularly, and this intimate care brand brings spa to home successfully, to help women feel confident and sexy about themselves!


Without the addition of synthetic ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals, the four products of BareDerma intimate care range includes purifying wash, bump free scrub, Perfecting calming mask and resurfacing lightening cream. While the purifying wash is ideal for daily use to clean the intimate area, containing organic geranium and aloe vera, the bump free scrub can be used to tighten and revive the skin, made of wild carrot, sun flower oils, blue poppy seeds, and olive stone that help in removing dead skin cells and thereby preventing ingrown hairs.  The calming mask is the third product of this range that detoxifies the skin with a very soothing effect, and best for sensitive skin because of the use of organic Geranium and Frankinsence oils. Last but not the least, the lightening resurfacing cream is based on Sodium Phytate and the constituents of white mulberry extract that helps in natural exfoliation process, helps with hyperpigmentation and  reducing the age spots. Thus, to lend healthy, happy & glowing skin to the vaginal area, women must use BareDerma’s intimate care spa kit.


About BareDerma

BareDerma is a leading intimate skin care company of UK that has brought forth the intimate care product range in the form of spa kit that contains four items promising best vaginal health and beauty.


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