Girls, Let’s talk about vaginas!. We all have one, unless of course you’re a man, in which case you probably have females in your life with vaginas, so you are welcome here too. Truth is, we are all aging. Our faces, our breasts, our thighs, our butts, and yes, our vaginas are all getting older, more wrinkled, saggy, looser and well…tired.

We drop hundreds of Pounds keeping our faces taut and smooth, spend endless hours at the gym to keep the rest of our body parts up off the floor, but what about our vaginas?

Our lady parts have seen us through first loves, our teen years, menstruation, childbirth, well-endowed lovers (oh dear), menopause,rubbing, sweating, waxing and more.  Many women have hang ups about their girly bits and as well as ingrown hairs, acne, Hyper pigmentation, lumps, and bumps, all of which can lead to bigger issues down the road. Yes, your vagina has been through a lot.  It might be time for a little vaginal pampering girls! Every woman deserves to have a smoother, younger, healthier, and happy vagina.

We have all heard about “vagina rejuvenation”, a surgical procedure not to be taken lightly. You and your vagina go under the knife to “tighten and tone”. But to be honest, a lot of us are squeamish, and a little scared thinking about our most intimate of areas being cut on and reshaped. It is a great procedure for some, but what if you aren’t ready for that kind of invasive procedure? What other options are there? Well, you are in luck ladies. Finally! There is non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure that is safe, quick, comfortable, and offers relief from your vaginal problems. BareDerma is proud to offer a revolutionary new Intimate Pampering range called “Supervagina Kit”.

Bare Derma have professionally formulated four beautiful products made with the finest natural and organic ingredients that will help restore, smoothen, brighten and even out the tone and appearance of intimate skin. The founder of BareDerma, Febina and Sally Robinson succeeded to revolutionize Natural intimate care industry by creating the products they themselves wanted to see on the market. Not everyone has the confidence or finances to have regular vajacials at a spa. BareDerma offers you an easy to use spa kit for the home which will leave you feeling super sexy and feminine and your intimate skin in tip top condition!

This 4 step SuperVagina kit is easy to use as 1,2,3,4 where The first step is a gentle cleansing by using 1.Natural Purifying Wash. Then exfoliation of the entire intimate area using 2.Bump-free Scrubwhich helps to nourish, tone and rejuvenate skin naturally. The third step is the 3.Perfecting Calming Mask; Based on Natural detoxifying and exfoliating clay and it helps to soothecalm and boost skin health by allowing cells to receive more oxygen and also helping to improve the appearance of stretch marks and blemishes. The final step is the application of 4.Resurfacing Lightening Cream  that helps to reduce melanin synthesis and stimulate the natural exfoliation process and an ultimate nutrient boost to nourish and give a silky smooth finish to intimate. More over Helps to improve the age spots, evening out skin complexion and lightening the skin tone… 

Ultimately BareDerma’s Supervagina range will help to keep your vagina fresher, younger, smoother and even-toned. The Beauty experts recommended SuperVagina Kit  to calm, cool and sooth after intimate waxing(bikini wax).Have questions? Take a look at .

Time to pretty the kitty, and have the vagina you deserve!

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