It is natural and normal that your vaginal parts produce a clear or white discharge. This discharge is produced by your cervix glands and it helps to keep your vagina moist. But if this is not regularly cleaned or maintained properly then it will yield a strong odor which will ultimately make you self-conscious about the situation and restricts you to do certain activities.

The strong odor can be from your discharges, sweat or for other reasons but this condition can be addressed for maintaining self-hygiene. Using feminine hygiene cream products will help you stay clean and odorless for the day and the cleanse process should be done on daily basis to reduce the overall effects. A lot of products at Barederma are available where you can tackle this condition and live a tension free day. It is advisable to use Buy Vegina wash cream or Feminine Hygiene creams or Vaginal Dryness Cream to stay dry and active.

If you are still very concerned about the situation and going through feminine health symptoms then it is advisable to talk to your gynecologist to recommend any suitable products according to your needs.